5 Best Radio Apps for Android and iOS

5 best radio apps for Android and iOS

Today, when you can always listen to your favourite songs, some people are looking forward to the era of traditional radio. If you want to enter and watch the playlists that you can’t control, or if you are listening to American Life’s live radio show, many applications can help you. Below are your favourite radio apps for Android and iPhone.



This popular radio application offers users a banquet of live radio broadcasting. Rock, rap, jazz, comedy, sports, other shows, the sample shows across the country, listen to broadcasts tailored to your interests. The application displays information about the song and the current artist and allows you to approve the songs you like and disapprove of the songs that are not. With a monthly subscription, you have access to additional features such as the ability to skip tracks and save tracks.


NPR One Radio App

If you want to stream great news shows and informative podcasts regularly, NPR One is the holy grail of radio apps. National Public Radio (NPR), an award-winning journalism provider, has created an application that allows you to access your content anytime, anywhere. Users can listen to local, national public radio stations of their choice or listen to nationally broadcast programs on the network. Not only a strong library of NPR programs (Todo, Planet Money, etc.), NPR One has additional features podcasts from companies like Gimlet.

SiriusXM Radio App

SiriusXM Radio App

Satellite radio company SiriusXM makes content available on mobile devices via the SiriusXM app. If you already have a SiriusXM subscription, include streaming for your car. Otherwise, you can choose an attractive subscription plan, such as Mostly Music or Full Access. SiriusXM offers over 200 channels, including music, news, and even talk radio (like The Howard Stern Show). SiriusXM is one of the best radio apps and SiriusXM application has a clean interface and several useful features.



Pandora was launched in 2000 when the Internet was still a vast and furious wasteland. The simple goal is to help users who already listen and find new music they like using the bands and songs. Services like Spotify incorporated music discovery into the streaming empire more than a decade later, but Pandora is still a popular service for good reason. Users create playlists by entering their favorite artists and songs. Then, Pandora finds songs with similar musical styles, and users can vote for the songs they like or don’t like. The application has a clean design and is easy to navigate. It’s free, but users need to support occasional advertising.

TuneIn Radio App

TuneIn Radio

Most of the people like variety. Then here is one of the best applications for listening to the radio on your mobile device. It is called TuneIn Radio another best radio apps. TuneIn Radio application gives you a vast library of shows, including local radio shows, podcasts, sports stations, and much more. This application has a clean interface. Also, it has excellent sound quality, and navigation is straightforward. The drawback of this radio application is that when selecting a radio program, it takes some time to buffer. Also, this app displays some ads. The experience is worth it if you can overcome those drawbacks.

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