TCJ Hider© – Encrypt Any Image With Unique Key

TCJ HIDER – Version 1.0

I created this app to accomplish my other task. So If you think, it is beneficial & important to you, This application encrypts any picture file using Unique Key. then try it 😊

What is the TCJ Hider?

We can use this app to Encrypt any picture that we want. It is essential to give a password as an encryption key for that purpose. Also if you want to see that original picture again, you have to provide the same Encryption key that you previously used to view it. It’s impossible to discover initial photograph for anyone who doesn’t know the Encryption key 😉

Simply, that is the process of this app.

How to encrypt?

First of all, you have to give an encryption key when you open it to continue with the app. 😉

After that, Pictures will Encrypt using the key that you set earlier.

But if you want to Encrypt any photo from another Encryption key other than before, also This has a facility of use custom Encryption key during the process of Encryption.

It’s unable to view the Encrypted files (Pictures) using any method or trick after you follow these steps.

You should supply the previously given encryption key according to the pictures by using this app to view the Decrypted file. It’s the only way to Decrypt it 😉

This gives an ability to change the encryption key very easily.

Even though it is possible to see Encrypted photos in the list, you couldn’t exactly view the pictures unless the current encryption key of the app doesn’t match with the encryption key of the photo.

Secure Encryption Application

There is another significant facility to secure this app by using a lock. So you can set a password for the whole app for better safety of your files 😉

Definitely, you can send any photograph to anyone without any fear or an anxiety using this hider app.

I will give you the download link soon. 😊

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