How to Find a Lost Phone: Locate Your Android Device

How to find a lost phone Track and locate your Android device

This is a feature that is easy to use to locate the phone. Most people do not know how to use this. Find My Device is Google’s official, easy-to-use tool for tracking lost Android tablets or smartphones. Best of all, you don’t need to install apps to track your device. This means you can use this feature without installing any third-party app on your phone.

Locate Your Android Device

This feature is very useful when you forget where your phone last location or if your phone is stolen.

For finding your mobile phone location, you need to following requirements

  • Internet access
  • You must sign in to your Google account

How to set the Phone settings for Locate Phone feature?

01. Enable Location through Settings

02. Also, give the locating method high accuracy

android location service

How to Locate the phone

In the latest update, Google has implemented some features on search results pages. This means that you can quickly find registered Android devices in the search results. Using the search phrase “Where is the phone” Google will display a small map in first the search results and try to find the lost Android smartphone. Once found, you can click on the “ring” to ring it.

quick phone locate

Let’s do the other way to locate your phone

01. From the web browser, type “Where is my phone” Or “Find my device” on Google Search Engine

find my phone search result

02. In here you have to click on the “Find your phone – Google Account” option

03. In the next screen, you will see the list of devices that connect to your email. Now select the device you want to track

device list

04. Then you will need to enter your password again

05. Click the Locate button

find your phone

06. Now you can see where your phone location or where Online was last located

locate android device

Just Track Location?

No. There are more features here other than locating the phone.

01. Check recent security events – Details of times logged into your Google Account

02. Lock your phone – You can lock your phone. You can enter a separate password and not the current password or Pattern Lock. Also, a person with a phone can provide a note and a phone number to call

lock phone remotely

03. Sign out on your phone – You can sign out of your Google Account Device

04. Play Sound – Even if your phone is Silent when you click it, an alert will play for five minutes.

05. Erasing your device – Reset your Device. But when you did this option, you will not be able to do any of the above.

Remotely erase device

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