The Japanese Government Destroy all Microwave Ovens

Japan destroy all microwave ovens

The Japanese government has decided to dispose of all microwave ovens in the country before the end of this year. All citizens and organizations that do not comply with this decision are subject to fines, penalties and imprisonment. The reason behind the ban on “microwave ovens” is research by scientists at Hiroshima University. In more than 20 years, radio waves have been known to cause more harm to the health of citizens. The use of microwave ovens is even more dangerous than the American atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in September 1945. According to experts, heated foods in a microwave oven have been found to cause unhealthy vibrations and radiation. In fact, the largest producers of “microwave ovens” in Japan have already closed their manufacturing facilities.

South Korea has announced it will cease production of “microwave ovens” by 2021, and China plans to abandon this technology by 2023. A seminar on cancer prevention was held at the Kashira Cancer Center.

Recommended Foods

The recommendations made at the end of the conference were to avoid the following foods:

  1. Refined oil
  2. Milk of animal origin (soy milk recommended)
  3. Food cubes (Maggie chicken soup)
  4. Soda (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
  5. Refined sugar
  6. Microwave ovens
  7. Do not perform mammograms before birth (except echocardiography)
  8. Avoid using very narrow underwear.
  9. Alcohol
  10. Heat and refrigerate frozen foods
  11. Drink water in plastic bottles kept in the fridge
  12. With the use of pills, it alters women’s hormonal system and causes cancer
  13. When used after shaving, special deodorant can cause cancer
  14. Using white sugar in any form. (Cancer cells feed mainly on sugar). Cancer patients should avoid sugar in their diet.

According to the convention’s recommendations, they advise you to add the following to your diet:

  1. Vegetables
  2. The moderate use of honey instead of sugar
  3. Green plant proteins (beans instead of meat)
  4. An empty stomach, two cups of body temperature water before brushing your teeth
  5. Food should be warm and not too hot.
  6. Aloe Vera + Ginger + Parsley + Celery + Bromelain. Mixing them and drinking empty stomachs.
  7. Drink carrot juice every day.
  8. Serve with tomatoes, garlic and onions.
  9. Woody Eggs and Routine Prevention of Cancer and Cancer

The cause of cancer

microwave oven caused to cancer

The American Doctors Association has discovered the cause of cancer.

  1. Do not drink tea, coffee or anything hot in plastic cups
  2. Don’t eat anything hot wrapped in paper or cardboard or plastic bag (for example: fried potatoes)
  3. Do not eat anything in plastic or microwave dishes.

We would like to note the following:

  1. When the plastic is exposed to heat, it releases chemicals that can cause 52 types of cancer.
  2. Thus, you should avoid concentrated juices such as “Cola, Pepsi, Fanta”.
  3. Eat fresh pineapple, but do not drink pineapple juice mixed with cola. This blend is fatal because it causes death, they think it is poisonous, and the cocktail is deadly because they don’t know it is deadly!
  4. Respond to incoming calls through the left ear and use headphones better.
  5. Do not drink drugs with cold water
  6. Don’t eat too much after 7 pm
  7. Drink more water in the morning and drink less in the evening
  8. When you eat, do not lie down or lie down.
  9. Do not use the phone when your phone battery is switched off or off, because a 1000 times more radiation boost than a charged battery.

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